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Sphygmo Home is a FREE BP tracking app that allows you to follow your blood pressure trends and averages over time. It can be used with compatible Bluetooth blood pressure monitors, or your readings can be manually entered. Sphygmo was designed by doctors and experts in the field of blood pressure measurement. In the app you will find an extensive learn tab to help you better understand what causes high blood pressure and how to manage it.

The app also includes our novel Swipe Averaging feature. We created this feature to help you quickly calculate your BP average over any collective period of time during which measurements were performed. Averages are important because the evidence tells us that they are the most relevant data point for evaluating BP.

One final feature that sets our app apart from other BP tracking apps is its ability to link to healthcare providers. Any healthcare provider that subscribes to our telemonitoring service will be able to see your past and future readings after you enter their unique provider link code into the app. By using this service, your healthcare team can assess your BP remotely relying on the more accurate BP readings you perform in your home (BP readings taken in healthcare clinics are widely recognized as being inaccurate and unreliable for assessing patient BP).

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Sphygmo Home Blood Pressure
Sphygmo Home Blood Pressure
Developer: mmHg Inc.
Price: Free+
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  • Sphygmo Home Blood Pressure Screenshot

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Healthcare Providers


Sphygmo is not just a BP tracking application. It’s a full BP telemonitoring suite that allows you, as healthcare providers, to remotely monitor BP in real-time, and follow the Canadian and international practice guidelines for blood pressure management. Performing BP in the clinic can result in inaccurate readings in up to 40% of patients. This can be the result of the white coat effect, or masked hypertension (low BP in the office, and high in the community). Home BP monitoring is a recommended tool for removing this error and improving accuracy. Specifically, home BP readings can be used for ongoing assessment of BP, and for the diagnosis of hypertension, in the absence of 24hr ambulatory monitoring. The Canadian guidelines on home BP measurement can be found here.



The Sphygmo Telelmonitoring System allows you, as clinicians, to save time, money, and more accurately manage your patients.

Time is saved by no longer having to perform BP in the clinic. Let your patients do it before they come to see you. Or better yet, manage them remotely and save on in-clinic time.

For those clinicians who are already utilizing home BP readings, typically patients write down their readings and bring them in, meaning that the BP average needs to be manually calculated on the spot by the clinician. Using our Swipe Averaging feature (seen below), averages are calculated instantaneously by simply clicking and dragging over the relevant calendar days with readings in them.



These calculated series can be saved and instantly compared to previous series (for example, following a medication change). If you’re concerned about day BP’s versus night BP’s, we’ve got you covered. Along with full day averages, the system also provides you with day and night averages so that you can choose the right medication and consumption time for your patient.

Patient BP trends over time can also be followed by using the graphing options.



It has never been so easy to follow the clinical practice guidelines! 


If you have any questions or would like to arrange a free trial of the system, please email