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mmHg Inc. is a physician-led, university-based, digital health company helping patients and providers monitor health and follow evidence-based care.

For Healthcare Providers

For Patients & Caregivers

Sphygmo BP & Glucose Telemonitoring System

Sphygmo Home is a FREE blood pressure and blood glucose tracking app designed by doctors and software engineers to help users collect and manage their blood pressure and glucose readings. The app organizes health data efficiently, summarizes trends in a guideline-concordant manner, and links this information to selected health care providers. Using our clinician portal, subscribing health care providers can view user data and remotely manage their patients easily and efficiently.

Sphygmo is a virtual care platform that enables remote patient monitoring of blood pressure, heart rate, glucose, weight, pulse oximetry, respiratory rate, and temperature. With our patent-pending Swipe Averaging tool, data over any time period can be efficiently and flexibly calculated. Data can be summarized in a guideline-concordant manner to help healthcare providers follow best practice recommendations.

Sphygmo for Aged Care Facilities, Caregivers & Family Members

Sphygmo enables healthcare providers to remotely manage the vital signs of residents who reside in aged-care facilities, providing an alternative to in-person visits. Our tools make data summarization and interpretation easy and efficient. Caregivers and family members can also use Sphygmo to remotely monitor their loved ones.

The Sphygmo Advantage

Healthcare Providers:

The Sphygmo virtual care platform enables you to rapidly summarize individual patient data in a guideline-concordant manner and provides practice-level analytics. You save time while optimizing your virtual care practice, generating revenue, and providing your patients the convenience of efficient remote care delivery.


Sphygmo helps patients direct their care, teaching them to self-monitor correctly, and allowing them to share data with their providers. Our platform saves time and money by eliminating the need for in-person visits, long commutes, and parking fees.

Aged-care facilities:

Sphygmo enables the remote collection of vital signs, helping providers to monitor residents and manage individual and aggregate data in a simple and efficient manner.

“Very easy to track blood pressure. Took less than a minute to pair with my home blood pressure monitor.”

Apple Store Review

“Easy to use. Keep all my vitals in one place for my nurse and to take with me to the doctor.”

Google Play Review

“This app has given me the power to monitor my Blood Pressure from the comfort of my own home. I have used it to see how my diet, and exercise impact my readings. A very powerful tool for those looking to make lifestyle changes.”

Google Play Review

“I love the app. And encourage all my cardiovascular patients to download it.”

Dr. Michel Sauve. General Internal Medicine

“The Sphygmo app has done wonders for my patients and my practice. As a Hypertension specialist, Sphygmo is extremely useful in tracking blood pressures which allows me to better manage my patients. It has also allowed me to fully embrace virtual care, which is especially important during this pandemic and in the future.”

Dr. Peter Ao. Internal Medicine Specialist

“Not having to check BP at the follow up office visit is a tremendous time saver. Besides it’s more accurate and less confusing for the patient. Following the patients from the dashboard is really easy. I am much more sure about if and when to initiate med changes. This is how it should be done.”

Dr. Denis Vincent. Family Medicine Physician

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